Modularizing GHC paper
Tags: GHC May 3, 2022

This post is to announce the first public release of a paper we wrote about modularizing GHC (PDF)

As you may know, I’ve been involved into several refactorings of GHC (adding some module hierarchy, ditching DynFlags, etc.). I have been asked a few times to write a document providing an overview of the design that we wanted to reach.

I dutily started to write this document more than two years ago. It started as a compilation of issues about the current design. However it was a bit difficult to state refactoring principles: for example, it seems obvious to me that SDoc mustn’t be coupled with DynFlags, but why? What’s the underlying principle?

Later I found out that I was in fact reinventing Domain-Driven Design (DDD). So I’ve started to reframe the paper as applying DDD principles to GHC. However the paper was put on hold, mostly because welcoming a baby sucked most of my time and energy to work on it.

A few weeks ago, we figured out with John (who had read the draft) that the paper could help a HSoC applicant: With the invaluable help of John and Jeff, we strove to make a first release of the paper in less than a week. We obviously failed to meet this deadline. But a few more weeks later, it’s finally there: “Modularizing GHC” paper (PDF) (in case you missed the link above)

It’s an odd paper because it’s a mix of:

  • an audit report: a compilation of design issues, with some historical perspectives
  • a proposal: a proposed design for GHC, based on DDD
  • an experience report: our experience with refactoring GHC, and some method hints for doing it efficiently
  • an exposition of DDD to a FP audience, using GHC as an example

Note that in the first draft I planned to also include mentions of Cabal. It was finally left out because it was a highway to despair, and the paper was already very long. We also only briefly mention Hadrian. Both could deserve their own paper of this kind.

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